DGCOS resolves 68.52% of consumer complaints within 7 days

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DGCOS resolves 68.52% of consumer complaints within 7 days

Our expert team of dispute resolution officers impressively resolved 68.52% of all consumer complaints received from 1st January 2018 to 30th June 2018, within 7 days. The remainder were effectively managed through to the end via free mediation, free inspections (at our discretion) and free access to an independent Ombudsman.

How does our Dispute Resolution Process work?

Our three-stage process comprises:

  • STAGE 1 - First line complaints: Our experienced and trained officers resolve complaints quickly and efficiently at stage one.

  • STAGE 2 - Mediation: Our professional mediators can commission an independent inspection report at no cost to the consumer when they deem it necessary to help resolve the dispute.

  • STAGE 3 - Ombudsman: Consumers have free access to an Independent Ombudsman to settle disputes without incurring legal costs. The Ombudsman’s decision, if accepted by the consumer, is legally binding on the member.
A few words from our Senior Dispute Resolution Officer, Charlotte Pilkington:

“I have worked for DGCOS for several years. Helping people is what we are good at and we strive to ensure that we provide consumers and installation companies with a route to resolution. We do this with passion, empathy and determination.

Our department has the ability to understand situations from both sides of the fence and we have the knowledge and experience to be able to help people make informed decisions. Sometimes, all you need is a third party with no connection to either side, to listen and give their view without emotion. It can be difficult when you are in the thick of it, like the consumer/installation companies we deal with, as it is hard for them to put history to one side. But with our help, we can provide a reasonable and fair resolution, which ends their dispute and allows both parties to move forward.

We are always here to help, even if someone just wants a bit of advice, we never turn anyone away.“

DGCOS complaint classification breakdown
1st January 2018 to 30th June 2018

complaint breakdown - product

Product - 62.90%  Finance/Payment - 1.61%
Workmanship - 23.66% Certificate Issues – 1.08%
Cancellation & Refunds - 3.76% Mis-selling - 0.54%
Compensation - 2.69% Condensation - 0.54%
Incomplete Installations - 2.69% Customer Service - 0.54%

As you will see from the chart above, most of the complaints received for the first half of the year in 2018 relate to products (62.90%) and workmanship (23.66%). Examples of complaints received include leaking conservatory roofs, windows and doors incorrectly fitted and sealed units letting air through.

Other types of complaints include customers wanting to cancel or obtain a refund (3.76%), compensation for inconvenience or stress (2.69%) and installations not being completed (2.69%).

DGCOS product breakdown
1st January 2018 to 30th June 2018


2018 complaints by product

 Windows and Dors - 71.51% Guttering - 1.61%
Conservatory - 19.89% Roof - 0.54%
Roofline - 5.91% Extension - 0.54%
Incomplete Installations - 2.69% Customer Service - 0.54%

The above chart shows which products have received the most complaints between 1st January and 30th June 2018, and as you will see, the vast majority (71.51%) of all complaints received relate to windows and doors; 19.89% relate to conservatories; 5.91% roofline; 2.69% incomplete installations; 1.61% guttering; 0.54% roofs; 0.54% extensions and the remaining 0.54% of complaints related to customer service.

How does 2018 compare with 2017?

In 2017 DGCOS received a total of 385 complaints with 75% of these being resolved within 7 days.

DGCOS works closely with its members and always strives to help them improve their own level of service. This has been very successful over the past few months - 25% of all complaints received in 2017 related to customer service and so far in 2018, this figure is less than 1%!

The percentage of complaints received in 2017 that related to workmanship was a significant 41% but at only 24% currently for 2018, this figure has almost halved.

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