Prospective members are rigorously vetted before being allowed to join our national network of accredited installers (not all applicants will pass the vetting stage). DGCOS also carries out frequent audits and monitors level of customer satisfaction.


  • Undergo credit and background history checks on the proprietors/directors which includes multiple phoenix checks, credit scores, CCJ checks and similar trading name checks.

  • Carry minimum insurances of a) £2m Public Liability b) £10m Employers Liability.

  • Provide every customer with a Written Contract (to include Terms and Conditions and cancellation rights).

  • Provide every customer with a Written Guarantee.

  • Provide every customer with Deposit Protection Insurance (where a deposit has been taken - up to a maximum of 25% of the contract value).

  • Provide every customer with an Insurance Backed Guarantee.

  • Comply with building control regulations on every installation deemed necessary.

  • Allow DGCOS Inspectors to inspect any installation deemed necessary.

  • Allow DGCOS to send every customer a Satisfaction Questionnaire.

  • Submit to the legal jurisdiction of DGCOS and the Ombudsman.


  • Reviews of customer satisfaction survey results.

  • Reviews of financial stability by way of credit score checks and automatic updates from our chosen provider of any changes to the business.

  • Monitoring of customer complaints.


I am very pleased with the service we have received from DGCOS.

Andrew Gledhill
Andrew Gledhill
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