The benefits of DGCOS Membership

  • DGCOS installers have found that membership has given them a vital edge in the market. Featuring George Clarke, our consumer facing materials help inspire confidence and reassure customers that they are using a reputable installer. This has proven to be a great sales tool that has helped our members secure new business.
  • DGCOS gives consumers access to a robust Ombudsman Scheme, thereby providing homeowners with comprehensive protection and peace of mind when placing an order with a DGCOS member.
  • Prospective members are rigorously vetted before being allowed to join our national network of accredited installers. The implementation of our vetting procedure means that a number of glazing companies who apply to join DGCOS do not satisfy our accreditation requirements. DGCOS also carries out frequent audits and a strict ongoing monitoring of customer satisfaction.
  • DGCOS have enlisted the services of a specialist training group who have put together a customised sales training program that will help our members effectively incorporate DGCOS in their sales presentation. These tried and tested training techniques can be put into practice immediately to help you produce more profitable results.
  • Accredited installers who previously could not qualify for finance could now have access to finance under an arrangement negotiated by us. DGCOS members can offer their customers a more affordable option to buy, which includes BNPL interest free deals.
  • Our award-winning dispute resolution service has been designed to give members access to: mediation (to help fully resolve any disputes should they arise), independent inspections (to assist with installation/product defects at DGCOS discretion) and the Ombudsman. 

Key Statistics of the DGCOS:

373k Customers
£290m Deposits Protected
£1.7bn Contracts Protected
1.5m Products Protected
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