DGCOS Membership Generates £107K in Revenue for Installer

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DGCOS Membership Generates £107K in Revenue for Installer Nick Ross Meets Radcliffe Glass & Windows

Since launching the scheme in 2010, we have helped a number of our members grow from strength to strength and become more established in the home improvement sector.

We believe in giving back to our members by helping them prosper in a highly competitive market. A perfect example of this is, Radcliffe Glass & Windows Ltd.

With over 35 years experience designing, manufacturing and installing windows, doors and conservatories, Radcliffe Glass & Windows prides itself on ensuring every customer receives the best service- from sales through to installation.

We spoke to Clive Powers, Managing Director- Radcliffe Glass & Windows. Here’s what he had to say…

“Since joining DGCOS, we have been nothing but impressed. The protection given to consumers in addition to the high calibre of membership has helped us win more business over our competitors. What’s more, many of our consumers have stated that DGCOS membership was the main reason they chose Radcliffe Glass & Windows. Overall DGCOS membership has helped us generate over £107,000 in revenue since joining.”

DGCOS offers a wide variety of business growth solutions ranging from point of sale material to a finance facility. DGCOS accredited installers also have access to the following benefits:

  • DGCOS Scheme fully endorsed by Nick Ross (former BBC Watchdog & Crimewatch Presenter)

  • Free Deposit & Stage Payment Protection (up to 25% of the contract value)

  • Insurance Backed Guarantees (for every customer)

  • Access to Mediation ((to help fully resolve any disputes should they arise)

  • Access to Independent Inspections (to assist with installation/product defects at DGCOS discretion)

  •  Access to Ombudsman Services (to conclude disputes without incurring legal fees)

If you would like to know more about DGCOS and how it can help your business generate extra revenue call Paul Wingfield on: 0845 053 8975 or [email protected]

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