DGCOS attending The Glazing Summit

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DGCOS attending The Glazing Summit

These big industry events are always great to attend for debates and networking: Glass Talk (remember those? – a bit like “business speed dating”), the FIT Show (which grew out of Glass Talk), the G Awards, the Triple Glazing Question.

The Triple Glazing Question became the glazing industry’s biggest ever forum at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry in April 2014 (was that really four years ago?). It brought together experts and industry leaders to discuss the market for triple glazing and ability of the supply chain to manage future triple glazing demand. Now here we are in 2018, triple glazing has not taken off in a big way, though to be honest, hardly anyone thought it would. We do, however, have a new industry conference this year, The Glazing Summit, and the DGCOS Team are attending!

What’s The Glazing Summit?

The Glazing Summit is a new major industry conference and debate to be held on Tuesday the 22nd May at St Johns Hotel and Conference Centre, Solihull, 5 minutes from the M42 motorway. You can visit www.glazingsummit.co.uk to order tickets; tickets for the Summit Day Conference are £75 and for the Leaders Dinner in the evening £95.

The event is being organised by Insight Data and Purplex Marketing. Most of you will know or have heard of Andrew Scott, the Managing Director of both businesses. Indeed, Purplex Marketing have recently been identified by the Plimsoll Analysis Report as a Top 100 fastest growing marketing agency in the UK. The Glazing Summit is being billed as “The Future of the Window, Door & Conservatory Industry”.

Who’s attending for DGCOS?

Adrian Simpson (Assistant Director of Consumer Policy) and Paul Wingfield (Communications Manager) will be attending.

Paul Wingfield

Adrian Simpson

These are exciting times for DGCOS as we start to ramp up our brand awareness to the industry over the coming months.

So there has never been a better time to be or become a DGCOS member and give your consumers absolute peace of mind with a full backup guarantee supporting your installation guarantee should you ever cease to trade.

Can you remind me what The Glazing Summit is all about?

Andrew Scott has commented: “The window, door and conservatory industry is evolving fast. This conference will give delegates the inside track on what is really going on and equip industry leaders with the knowledge and tools to confidently plan for the future.”

The Glazing Summit certainly promises to be a packed conference with time for networking with industry leaders and is the year’s main event for senior people across all sectors of the industry to attend – be they in domestic, trade, commercial, new-build and social housing.

The agenda on their website certainly looks interesting, including main topics of:

  • The Insight Data window industry report – overview of the industry
  • The PVCu, aluminium and timber debate – industry leaders discuss
  • Installer challenges – panel debate
  • The new marketing landscape – Andrew Scott discusses the impact on the glazing industry
  • Acquisitions, exits and the future – expert speakers will consider whether the future will consist of more or less national companies

Speakers and panellists will come from all aspects of the industry, and you can see who is lined up to speak on the www.glazingsummit.co.uk website.

Why has The Glazing Summit come about?

Andrew Scott has observed: “Our industry is worth over £4 billion, has over 15,000 businesses and employs tens of thousands of people. After Insight Data published the latest Window Industry Report we were swamped with industry leaders wanting answers to some big questions. The Glazing Summit aims to answer those questions – and many more besides.”

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