Podcast: The Ideal Partner for Installers

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Podcast: The Ideal Partner for Installers

As part of a series of industry podcasts hosted by The Double Glazing and Conservatory Ombudsman Schemes (DGCOS), Glass News reviews the conversation between DGCOS’ Chief Executive, Faisal Hussain, architect, TV presenter and DGCOS Brand Ambassador George Clarke, and Thom Emerson, Sales and Marketing Director of DGCOS member, Ideal Window Solutions, which shines a light on the working relationship between the two organisations.

The Ideal Partner for Installers

The Double Glazing and Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme (DGCOS) is recognised as being a consumer champion, having already helped hundreds of thousands of consumers. But it’s not just consumers who can reap the benefits provided by the Scheme, as they have also provided hundreds of fenestration businesses a critical point of difference, because when you are a DGCOS installer, you are committed to complying with high standards of consumer protection.

Ideal Window Solutions

Ideal Window Solutions is a DGCOS member who has operated in the Installer market for over 25 years, working on new build developments with housebuilders, as well as domestic and retail installation for general consumers. In addition to the installation side of the business, they also have an active maintenance and repair division. The longevity in their customer relationships means that when products are truly end of life, those customers tend to come back.

A founding member since 2010, Ideal Window Solutions has over 12 years of association with DGCOS and has protected over 6,500 customers. When asked the benefits of being a member, Thom Emerson, Sales and Marketing Director of Ideal Window Solutions explains: “I believe as a company that we really are a consumer champion, we work very hard to be communicative and transparent with our customers, but as with many construction projects, disputes do occur. Having a professional body to go to that you have absolute faith in to mediate any issues is so important for both our business and the homeowner. It allows customers to complain if they are unhappy with the work or the products we’ve delivered to an independent, third party that understands the issues.

A balanced approach to disputes

“DGCOS works with us to support both sides of the argument, affording us the opportunity to supply evidence, particularly if we believe we have already tried to right any wrongs. The professionalism of the people at DGCOS is second to none, and we can be rest assured that any situation, big or small, will be brought to conclusion with the best possible results.

“We’ve had very few situations that have been taken all the way to litigation, thankfully. It is expensive, even if you do win, and I strongly believe one of the main reasons for this is the support we get from DGCOS. They have helped us to put good contracts in place that are solid and robust and have managed to mitigate any complaints before they escalate.

Key benefits of working with DGCOS

“One of the key benefits to any relationship is trust. I trust DGCOS as an organisation to support my business and my customers in the best way possible. Consumers also put trust in recognisable brand ambassadors, and this is most definitely true of DGCOS’s brand ambassador, George Clarke. When the partnership with George first launched, there was a lot of engagement and the ongoing association has been a real benefit to our business.

“You don’t need to be doing unique projects with unusual requirements to benefit from their assistance, as DGCOS is also there for the everyday, ordinary work too. As we’ve said before, issues are commonplace in any home improvement/ construction project and DGCOS offers support at every stage of the journey.

Would you recommend DGCOS?

“Absolutely. In my mind, they are the Rolls Royce of consumer protection. Our business ethos aligns with theirs and we have a very open relationship. We take full advantage of their installer journey benefits, lifting the lid on our business - our financials, our contracts, our procedures – to DGCOS to gain insight into where we can improve. If you take this support, you will improve and it will, ultimately, make you more profitable.”

Faisal Hussain concludes: “Ideal Window Solutions is an ‘ideal’ member for DGCOS. Like us, the people behind the brand believe in doing the right thing and most importantly, they care. They are a great example of what is good in our industry and this is proven in the successes we’ve seen in their dispute resolution results. Having been a founding member they have been fundamental influence on the services DGCOS delivers and the open relationship forged is the benchmark for many of our members. We do offer a service that supports the installers’ business but that’s a two-way street, and we continually work with our members to improve. They feedback to us what we’re doing right and wrong and where we can improve. We also make sure that when we’re dealing with consumers on their behalf, they are invited to engage with a satisfaction service to monitor how they feel after the service with a complaints procedure for anyone that is not happy. At the end of the day, DGCOS is about doing the right thing – and so is Ideal Window Solutions.”

You can listen to the full podcast by following DGCOS on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/1pXjrEXBI7Y7pnoTYMMTSY?si=sPTogDnWRpynAoiwoyjIsA
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