Smart Door Locks Require ‘Smart’ Installers

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Smart Door Locks Require ‘Smart’ Installers

Installers, are you future-proofed? Are you keeping up to date with the latest innovations? If so, you may be delving into the world of smart technology, specifically door locks. In fact, that may be the very reason you have clicked on this blog. If you are an installer whose homeowners are investing in smart door locks or you are just eager to learn more and close a few knowledge gaps, you’re in the right place. This guide will walk you through the basics and how to use the technology to sell more.

What is a smart home?

A smart home uses technology to improve home life. Homeowners can control electronic devices in the home in real time, or through automation. These smart devices are connected to the internet and can be controlled using a mobile phone, or any other networked device. Other terms for smart homes are home automation and smart buildings.

What are smart door locks?

A smart door lock is an electromechanical lock that allows you to open the door without using a key. The locks are controlled using a networked device, such as a mobile phone. The door is typically locked by clicking a button on an app.

What are the benefits of smart door locks?

Key benefits of smart door locks are that they can provide homeowners with greater security and safety, enable them to make ‘smarter’ choices and, ultimately, make their life easier.

Provide homeowners with greater security and safety

With smart door locks homeowners can stop second-guessing whether they locked the door on their way out, they can quickly look and (if left unlocked) can lock it with the tap of a button. Smart locks can also send notifications to the homeowner if they haven’t locked the door.

Make homeowners’ lives easier

Smart door locks bring greater control to the homeowner, enabling their home life to work around them, not the other way around. With smart door locks, homeowners can unlock the door whenever they need to. For example, for a family member who has returned home earlier than expected.

Educated homeowners make ‘smarter’ choices

Smart door locks are designed to make lives easier, but also designed to make the homeowner more conscious of their actions. Home awareness is key to any installers tool kit, educated homeowners offer great upselling opportunities to installers and smart tech could get your foot in the door.

For example,
1. Homeowner monitors their security levels now that their smart door locks are installed.
2. Homeowner realises the added security that the smart lock has brought to their home.
3. The homeowner decides to improve overall home security.
4. The homeowner looks for more smart security devices, such as window locks.
5. The homeowner looks at the product range you offered on your first visit.
6. The homeowner purchases new windows and additional smart lock systems; you earn return custom.

Top tip: Make sure you leave a good impression no matter how small the job, return custom and referrals are a major lead generator for most installers.

What are the major smart home systems?

With the growing popularity of smart homes, there are many systems to choose from. However, the current two major smart home systems are Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

How do homeowners get started with smart door locks?

As with all areas of home improvement, most homeowners begin the process with research. They will be looking online and asking installers for product reviews, weighing up the pros and cons and looking for a ballpark figure for costs.

Therefore, your customer could ask you about smart door locks and being educated could potentially pay off for you. Although not all homeowners will use a professional installer for their smart door lock, educating yourself in the area enables you to offer advice to your customer.

What other smart technologies should installers be considering?

1. Smart Windows
2. Smart Doorbells
3. Smart Security Systems
4. Smart Lighting Systems 
5. Smart Sound Systems 
6. Smart Smoke Detectors

Top Tip: You could explore all smart technologies and package it up as a one-off installation, ‘Smart Home Package’, a package that would create an instant smart home.

How can installers get started with smart door locks?

You’ve already taken an important step by reading our basic guide to smart door locks. The next step is to prioritise staying informed. “But, how?” we hear you ask. There’s more than one route to go down. Some installers will stay informed by investing in training, while others may prefer subscribing to newsletters and blogs or speaking with other installers and/or homeowners. Each is helpful and can keep installers in the know.

Staying informed ensures that you are in a perfect position to advise customers on the benefits, latest innovations, and trends and associated costs when planning a smart door lock.

Below we have included some resources that you may find helpful should you wish to continue your smart home learning.

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