SafeGlaze UK in Administration- Consumer Case Study

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SafeGlaze UK in Administration- Consumer Case Study

If you have been affected by SafeGlaze UK going into administration and would like to share your story – Please fill out the following feedback from – SafeGlaze UK Feedback Form.

For more information on your consumer rights if you have been affected please read:

It was announced on Tuesday 30th October 2018 that NIAMAC Developments Ltd, trading as SafeGlaze UK, has gone into administration. Rob Adamson, Mike Kienlen and Mark Ranson, Insolvency Practitioners at Armstrong Watson LLP, were appointed as Joint Administrators.

It is important to note that SafeGlaze UK has never been a member of The Double Glazing & Conservatory Quality Assurance Ombudsman Scheme (DGCOS) or any of our associated schemes, meaning we have no legal jurisdiction over their decisions or actions. DGCOS do, however, have an ongoing commitment to improve the standards of the home improvement sector and would like to provide some advice to SafeGlaze customers on their options, which should reduce their chances of being further disadvantaged.

Since we found out about SafeGlaze UK going into administration we have received a number of calls from confused consumers, desperate for some support and want to discuss the impact on their works. We reached out to one of our inbound enquiries to hear their story.

Latest Update 13/11/2018:

The Administrators commented on 30th November, that they were looking to dispose of Safe Glaze’s assets and order book and since beginning this article we have been informed that L.T.W.F. Limited trading as Warmseal Newcastle has purchased the SafeGlaze UK order book. To the best of our knowledge, Warmseal has not purchased remedial work and previous guarantees.

SafeGlaze UK – Consumer Case Study.

Mr Carter had recently purchased double glazing for his property though SafeGlaze UK. He decided to choose SafeGlaze UK, due to he thought he was using a trusted company, he initially confused them with Safe Style, but decided to go with them due to their reputation and 15-year warranty.

“I didn’t mind paying a bit more, knowing it was a bigger firm, they seemed professional and I knew I had protection if anything was to happen – It was the 15-year guarantee which made me go with SafeGlaze,” said Mr Carter.

SafeGlaze came out did a full house refit. Mr. Carter was happy with the installation and the price he paid. There were some small cracks on the windows which he was assured happened in transit. Mr. Carter was further assured he wouldn’t need any lintels above the main bay window and the back-bay window. They would return to replace the panes that needed fixing due to break in transit.

Unfortunately, the bricks above the bay windows began to drop after the installation meaning they would need to fit the lintels above the windows as initially expected.

So, Mr. Carter contacted SafeGlaze UK to arrange for the amends. They had no issues agreed to send someone out to carry out the works, fix the window panes and fit the lintels above the window.
However, SafeGlaze UK went into administration before the required remedial works had been completed.

‘It was an unfortunate situation, one that I obviously didn’t want to find myself in, however, I knew I had protection, so I grabbed my brochure with all my information and contract from SafeGlaze and rung the insurance to make a claim.’ explained Mr Carter.

It was during this time, Mr Carter discovered he didn’t have the insurance policy he thought he had. ‘They searched for my policy, and it didn’t exist, they said something like you weren’t registered. I don’t know how this was possible, they offered me no solution, no help, they just simply said I don’t have a policy. I explained, I only took out the policy because of this, because of the guarantee, but it didn’t matter.’ Mr Carter went on to explain how he understood it was not their fault, they didn’t have a policy, he was just confused as to how this could come about.

‘I mean who oversees this? How can this happen, they sell you a policy which has no worth because they don’t register it? How can I have a brochure with some fantastic logos on this, but no accountability?’

Although Mr Carter found himself in a dreadful situation, he was fortunate he had used his credit card to pay the deposit for his windows; and the balance was being paid on finance. This means his biggest headache now will be which one is going to pay for the remedial work, but at least it won’t be him. The outcome would more than likely have been very different if Mr Carter had paid cash.

It is crucial you always check your paperwork, make sure you have an insurance policy number and certificate and don’t just trust a logo on a brochure.

For more information on your rights please read:

To share your story – Please fill out the following feedback from – SafeGlaze UK Feedback Form.

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