Launch of new mental health and wellbeing podcast series

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Launch of new mental health and wellbeing podcast series

Building on our two-year campaign for better mental health and wellbeing for those who work tirelessly in our sector to deliver home improvements, we decided that there was so much more we can do to help. So, along with our other Schemes, we started a collaboration with the National Home Improvement Council (NHIC), to bring together medical experts, frontline charity workers and DGCOS representatives to prioritise and shine a light on mental health and well-being, in a new series of six podcasts to be released in September and October 2023.

A broad range of topics

During this carefully researched and structured series, the six episodes will cover:
1) Mental health support in the industry for tradespeople: why are mental health issues prevalent in our sector; what are the effects on productivity and business; what support is out there?
2) Managing demands on your time: what does a good work life balance look like, how to juggle workloads, the importance of downtime and as simple as it sounds, how to take a break
3) Managing loneliness: many of our sector have to work away from home. We share some worrying stats of just how much of an issue this can be, and share strategies and solutions
4) Taking a holistic approach to supporting your team; the importance of training to raise awareness and help prevent crisis through better management and communication
5) Improving wellbeing and mental health; managing common mental health problems like anxiety and depression; building resilience and practical steps to take for a strong mindset
6) Accessing debt support and achieving financial health; taking control of your financial position and minimising money stress

We’d like to say a huge thank you to our own team who took part, as well as the esteemed guests we spoke to including Hannah Vickers, Chief of Staff at Mace and Head of Productivity at the Construction Leadership Council; Martin Lockham from Mates in Mind; George Jones from Cahill Renewables; Tony Steel from Band of Builders; GP Dr Rachel Cooper MBBS MRCGP: and Greg Jenkinson, from Step Change.

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