DGCOS, HICS & HIES unveil George Clarke as new brand ambassador

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George Clarke meets DGCOS Management (From left to right: Ciaran Harkin, Tony Pickup, Michael McGougan, George Clarke, Richard Christie)

George Clarke joins consumer protection organisation DGCOS.

Well-known celebrity architect and TV presenter George Clarke has been unveiled as a new consumer champion for HIES, DGCOS and HICS consumer protection organisations, underlining the scheme’s commitment to quality and further increasing awareness of the valuable work they undertake to protect consumers.

George, recognised for his work on a variety of Channel 4 programmes, including The Home Show, The Restoration Man and George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, is a passionate advocate for high standards in home improvements.

“It can be really difficult for people to know who they can and can’t trust these days,” says George.

“I’ve seen it all through my own practices and the TV work that I’ve been involved with, people being ripped off or left with shoddy workmanship and unable to get a resolution. “That’s why I’m pleased to be working with the HIES, HICS & DGCOS, because they share my ideals about raising standards and treating people fairly.”

“George shares our passion for consumer protection and it’s perfect for us to have such a recognisable campaigner on board,” says the Schemes’ founder, Tony Pickup.

“When we first met to discuss the ambassador role, George was attracted to our principles and how we ensure consumers are not left disadvantage and how these principles, if adopted universally will protect the reputation of the sector

“The most important thing is to have a system in place to show consumers that you care. Mistakes do happen, we all know that, but it’s how you deal with them individually and as an industry that counts.”

“By having George as a new additional face of our brand, gives homeowners additional confidence that they will be looked after properly and really help our members secure new orders and justify a premium price. Membership is actually very profitable when used properly and to full effect. We also have some very exciting plans in the pipeline, and we believe George is the perfect person to help us get our message out there.”

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