DGCOS Helps Mr. Noon Resolve His Front Door

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Mr Noon Mr Noon

Mr. Noon noticed a defect in a door, which he had installed by a DGCOS member. When he first noticed the defect, he contacted the original installer only to find out that they were no longer trading and he had to contact the insurance company. Mr. Noon proceeded in contacting the insurance company only to be informed that due to a technicality he was not covered and was referred back to his original installer.

Mr. Noon then contacted DGCOS who advised him and helped him produce a letter of complaint and by doing this he was able to get the insurance company to reinstate the insurance policy.

However when Mr. Noon processed his application with the insurance company they later turned down his claim and explained that because the fault was with a door panel and not the door itself it was not covered under their terms and conditions.

Mr. Noon took his issue back to DGCOS who arranged for an independent inspector to look at the door and produce a report. The report was then sent to the original door manufacturer who agreed to go out and fix the problem free of charge.

Speaking about the whole process Mr. Noon said: “Without the intervention of DGCOS I would have been left with a front door which was not fit for purpose. I wish to thank DGCOS for being instrumental in sorting out our problem and would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to buy new windows and doors that they use an installer which is a member of DGCOS”.

For further information about how using a DGCOS installer will protect you, call 0845 053 8975.

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