DGCOS Protection Saved Mr Cooper Thousands of Pounds

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Mr & Mrs Cooper Mr & Mrs Cooper

Mr. Cooper placed an order with a DGCOS installer to manufacture, supply and install a conservatory to the rear of his property. Upon completion of the base work Mr. Cooper noticed several cracks appearing in the dwarf wall, which would be used to support the conservatory structure. After complaining to the installer, they returned to the property but were unable to find the cause of the problem. Unfortunately, before this issue could be resolved the installer ceased to trade, leaving Mr. Cooper with an unfinished conservatory.

Mr. Cooper then contacted DGCOS who immediately took control of the situation and arranged for an independent inspector to visit to the property. Upon inspection the matter in question was addressed and the necessary remedial work was arranged.

Fortunately for Mr. Cooper he used an accredited DGCOS installer so he was fully protected and did not need to contract another company to complete the installation.

Speaking about the whole process Mr. Cooper said: “if it wasn’t for the efforts of DGCOS, I would have had to pay £1,000s to rectify a major problem with my conservatory. DGCOS did more than we could have ever expected”.

For further information about how using a DGCOS installer will protect you, call 0845 053 8975.

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