DGCOS Fixes Mr. Corristine's Conservatory Roof Leak

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Mr Corristine Mr Corristine

Mr. Corristine contracted a DGCOS member to install a new conservatory. During the course of the work and subsequent to its completion, Mr. Corristine complained about a leak in the roof. He tried contacting the original suppliers but they had unfortunately gone into liquidation.

Not being able to rectify the issue, Mr. Corristine contacted DGCOS who sent round a surveyor to identify the cause of the leak. On inspection, he noticed that the roof panels had not been pinned correctly and over time would eventually slip and cause more leaks.

DGCOS arranged for a contractor to rectify the leak and also ensure the roof panels were correctly secured.

Speaking about the whole process Mr. Corristine said: “DGCOS has shown a true appetite to resolve my problem and as a consumer it is reassuring to know that there is someone we can turn to for any help or advice”.

For further information about how using a DGCOS installer will protect you, call 0845 053 8975.

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