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On 6th September DGCOS attended the latest PIGS networking event in Glasgow. This was held at a new venue at Saint Judes in Glasgow, in a private function room upstairs. This was our third visit with PIGS this year, we previously attended Manchester in March and London in June.

Attending these events is part of our ongoing strategy to network and engage with key industry leaders and trade bodies. In conjunction with this strategy, DGCOS is one of around 35 PIGS sponsors.

The “People in Glazing Society” (PIGS), is a long-running and popular networking group, which was originally set up in 2004. Initially started for press and marketing professionals, it was soon clear that other people in the industry would benefit from the networking. Fast forward to today and PIGS now run several networking events a year with 100’s of people in attendance. Find out about their up and coming events by visiting their website.

The event was a great success with an evening of networking, conversing and strategising with like-minded individuals. Our main focus was to update people about DGCOS’s latest business development activity, and recent press releases such as our new partnership with Certass and our ongoing partnership with Assure.

Who attended for DGCOS at PIGS Glasgow?
Brian Smith (Strategy Consultant) and Paul Wingfield (Head of Business Development) attended this event on behalf of DGCOS

It was a great networking event for business contacts and relationships. The evening started at 5 pm and lasted right through to 12.30am, with the last hour or so featuring an impromptu karaoke session led by Kirk Maxwell of Scotplas Trade Centres

Brian and Paul maximised their evening by updating various industry professionals on DGCOS’s progress over the last few months and the upcoming significant activity on the business development side. This is to ensure that DGCOS cements its reputation as the leading consumer protection scheme in the glazing industry.

Brian and Paul spent some time chatting with Nikki Dunbar, new Creative Design Manager, who has taken over the organising of the PIGS events from Sarah Ball.

Brian Smith commented: “This was my first attendance at the PIGS Glasgow event. It was great to meet up with existing contacts in the industry as well as make new ones, and update people on how DGCOS is progressing and recruiting more members. Andy Ball told me the attendance was much improved from last year, so this event should be even bigger next year!”.

Brian continued: “I’m looking forward to the next PIGS events in Birmingham in November!”

Paul Wingfield added: “It was great to hear first-hand that every sector of the industry is prospering, from fabricators to installers it is clear to see the industry is thriving with so much innovation in the pipeline. It’s exciting to be part of this industry and events like PIGS serve as the perfect platform for us to forge relationships and share concepts. Thanks to those who took the time to speak to me and Brian, I look forward to seeing you all at the next event.

Where and when is the next PIGS event?
The next PIGS evening is in Birmingham on the 8th November

So, make a note of the date, follow @PigsInGlazing on Twitter and order your free tickets as soon as advised you can book them.

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend and look forward to seeing you there!

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