Choosing the Right Conservatory Doors for Your Project

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Choosing the Right Conservatory Doors for Your Project

French, bi-fold or sliding? When it comes to choosing the right doors for your conservatory it can be overwhelming, to say the least. You’ve chosen the style and size of your conservatory and discussed the cost, but you’re left indecisive about which doors will be the right design for your home and your budget.

As with any major purchase it pays to do a little research before making your decision. Conservatory doors (including fitting) can cost anywhere from £500 to £2,000* so it is essential to ask yourself several questions beforehand.

What style is right for my home?

French conservatory doorsFrench conservatory doors date back to the 17th century and despite starting life as a ‘French window’, the French door has progressed in the market and is seen as a conservatory door with class. Aesthetically pleasing, the French door is traditionally made up of glass panes that extend for most of its length. Available in single or double, French doors are hinged and usually open outwards.

Bi-folding conservatory doors

Bi-folding conservatory doors consist of at least three individual hinged panels that fold together and slide along a supporting track. Bi-folding doors are designed for modern living with their contemporary style being space saving and easy to use.

Sliding conservatory doorsSliding conservatory doors consist of multiple panels that slide sideways along tracks and stack at the end of the frame. Sliding doors typically have more glass compared to French doors and use less space than bi-folding doors do as they don’t require room to manoeuvre inside or out. However, you are unable to fully open the room with sliding doors.

What are my priorities?

Clarifying what your priorities are when selecting conservatory doors will help you decide which doors are best for you. Is it vital that your conservatory doors bring you the greatest amount of security or do you prioritise bringing the ‘outside in’ more than security? Do you want to get conservatory doors that are the most energy efficient? Do you want conservatory doors that take up the least amount of space?

How much are conservatory doors?

Adding a conservatory onto your home is not the cheapest project to undertake. Additionally, the type of conservatory door that you choose can rapidly increase the cost, so it is important that this is considered in your budget.

The cost of conservatory doors varies heavily depending on type, size, material and whether you want double (or even triple) glazing. When deciding which type of conservatory door you would like, ensure that you research the costs beforehand. Speak to multiple installers to compare quotes – it may not save you time, but it will save you money.

Finally, ask yourself if you trust your installer.

Choosing the right installer could determine whether your conservatory project brings you joy or brings you misery. As a homeowner, it is just as important to put as much thought into who you are hiring to complete your project, as you have in planning it.

If you’re looking for peace of mind throughout your project, then you will need satisfactory consumer protection. You can achieve this by ensuring you have adequate financial protection in place, in the event anything does go wrong. In the industry, you can achieve this in the form of deposit and stage payment protection and an insurance backed guarantee - all of which you will receive when you use a DGCOS platinum member.

Here at DGCOS, our installers have undergone a rigorous vetting procedure to provide you, the consumer, with an advanced level of protection and confidence. To find out more and get your project underway, find your nearest DGCOS installer today.

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*The figures given for prices are for illustration purposes only and are gathered from current advertised doors prices on the internet.

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