2 and 6 year registration options now available from DGCOS

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2 and 6 year registration options now available from DGCOS

The Double Glazing & Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme (DGCOS) now has two and six year registration options available to installers to reduce excess financial burden on companies.

Faisal Hussain, Chief Executive, explains:

“We have seen through our mediation process how much time it can take for installers to deal with customers when the guarantee is not clearly worded and consumers believe that they are covered for everything. Installers then often end up meeting some or all of the costs to replace components. Within building regulations, under Competent Person Schemes, an installer self-certifying only has to provide six years’ financial protection for customers, and the same for consumer protection.

“Often a customer believes that if anything goes wrong with any part of their installation, they are covered for replacements for that 10-year period, but that is incorrect. Frames may be covered for 10 years, but as per manufacturers’ warranties, individual units or smaller items like locks and handles, are often only covered for 5 years. Issues such as condensation may well not be covered at all.

“In the spirit of clarifying this confusion, DGCOS now offers 2 and 6 year registration options for installers. They are more cost effective, so can reduce the financial pressure on a business, yet members who opt for a shorter registration receive the same installer benefits as if they were taking the full 10 year option, which is still available. They also make it easier for an installer to explain to a customer exactly what is covered and for how long. The six year option is ideal for covering panes and units; the two year option for smaller items such as locks and handles.

“The 10-year registration is always going to be available, particularly if installers are members of FENSA, who are required to offer this longer timeframe.

“However, our shorter registration options offer benefits for both installers and customers; they help reduce the time installers spend on unnecessary call-backs; reduce the financial burden on the industry as a whole, while still meeting requirements.”

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