Affiliate Partners

Having been successful in providing consumer protection through installers, DGCOS has recognised the need to provide confidence in the complete supply chain and industry in general. DGCOS has, therefore, introduced an Affiliate Partner Scheme with requirements tailored specifically for manufacturers, distributors and service providers.

What is the DGCOS Affiliate Partner Scheme?

DGCOS has established the Affiliate Partner Scheme in order to promote consumer protection by ensuring that when a product is installed in a domestic setting, it is sold in a clear, consistent and fair manner (agreed with the manufacturer); and installed professionally, in accordance with manufacturer instructions.

To achieve Affiliate Partner status, applicants must undergo an accreditation process that examines solvency and ethos; and reviews the processes and procedures they have in place to ensure consumers are treated fairly.

Affiliate Partners demonstrate they share DGCOS’ ethos and are committed to ensuring their network of installers provide professional services to consumers.

Benefits of the Affiliate Partner Scheme

✔ Website & Logo featured on the DGCOS website
✔ Marketing Support
✔ PR Support
✔ Access to Installers
✔ DGCOS is Endorsed by George Clarke 
✔ Access to ADR


I am very pleased with the service we have received from DGCOS.

Andrew Gledhill
Andrew Gledhill
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